Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas was great this year as we got our very first turn at hosting it. We have always lived so far away that we have had to be the one's to travel. All the family travelled on Christmas morning to Ballarat to enjoy the beautiful weather and a fantastic day. Ruby's day started with getting up and discovering that Santa had left a mess and eaten and drank everything she had left out. She walked staight past the presents he had left and got straight on to the cleaning up and making sure she put all he scraps he had left in the bin and the empty can of Bourbon in the recycling bin.
he then stated she needed a wee and wasn't until she returned that we had to point out about the presents he had left. It was so much fun watching her unwrap each of her presents and the look of excitement on her face with each one was wonderful to see and watch.
Lunch was beautiful and consisted of Beef and Pork on the spit with a traditional roast dinner. Sweets was traditional as well Plum Pudding home made by Ruby's Mummy and yeah of course Brandy custard. The kids had a great time opening all the presents after lunch as well as the adults. With the space we have here it was great the kids enjoyed the sandpit, trampoline and cubby house and played wonderfully together all day without any incidences. I would like to especially thank our Sister-in-Law Wendy who was most affected by the move of Christmas to Ballarat as she was unable to attend her family dinner as she has done every year in the past. Dick's mum (Gran) came along and enjoyed her day out from the Nursing Home she now resides in. She looked totally exhausted by the time we took her home but enjoyed her day out regardless. We hope everyone had as an enjoyable Christmas as we did and wish you all the best for 2009.

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