Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Day At The Beach

Today we headed of early for a day at the beach in Dromana with Kathryn, Jim and Eliza. Eliza is one of the other beautiful little girls that came from China at the same time as Ruby. When I say we headed of early we did but it seemed to take us so long to get there with traffic, toilet stops etc. They had a great set-up on the beachfront with one of the boat sheds that had a beautiful big tree right out the front which provided shade all day. We could even make a coffee while sitting on the beach. All over the beach were jelly fish that Ruby loved picking up and filling her bucket with and then using a potato masher promptly made them in to soup. At one stage I told her to go and drop one of Kathryn toes just joking and about 20 minutes later she hadn't forgotten and promptly landed one straight on to Kathryn's foot. Ruby and Eliza had a great time playing in the sand and sharing a very big bag of chips during the course of the afternoon.
We then headed up to the house were they were staying and ended the wonderful day with the traditional fish and chips, a must when you have been at the sea side for the day. Thank you Kathryn, Jim and Eliza for a wonderful day.

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