Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Visit From Cousin Emily

Ruby had a great time when her cousin Emily came to stay with us for a few nights. We had a fantastic day on the Saturday at Sovereign Hill. The girls and Daddy panned for gold and it took all I had to get Daddy away from the stream so we could see other things. He was very proud of the few specs of gold he found. We visited the Candle Shop and Ruby and Emily made very beautiful candles which was lots of fun. Our day was spent underground doing the Gold Mine Tour, I am sure my daughter is going to be a dare devil as she got really excited as the tunnel got really black and we couldn't see where we going (all I knew was we were going down). She had a great time on the tour and made sure she was up the front the whole time listening to the guide. He would ask questions and she would be the first to put her hand up (even if she didn't know the answer). We had a lovely lunch at the New York Bakery and then just enjoyed wandering around the rest of the town. We finished with a Horse Drawn Cart ride. By the time we left the carpark we had 2 girls fast asleep in the back seat of the car. Dick put Emily to work and she spent most of Sunday afternoon mowing the lawns, I think she had a really good time doing it though. Well it was time for Emily to go home on the Monday and Ruby was most upset. That day when she saw a young girl walking down the street she would point and say Emily. We really enjoyed having you Emily.

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